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Welcome to Kanangayi

Founded in Switzerland, we are a meaningful-impact association born to serve the vision of 

a world in which each and everyone equitably leverages their innate talents to cultivate seeds of well-being, growth and prosperity for the better of People and Our Planet. 

  • Kanangayi Symposium: we champion Changemakers

  • Networks: we foster entrepreneurial networks and social-impact ecosystems

  • Africa: we promote value-added trade, in shifting away from raw-material trade


In service to our vision, our mission is to enable every Changemaker's meaningful impact.

Kanangayi Symposium
Championing Changemakers

The Kanangayi Symposium is a social, economic & environmental impact platform that champions both entrepreneurial and corporate changemakers, by collaboratively fostering stronger communities and thriving organizations that drive forward the agenda of a more equitable world. 

We foster an entrepreneurial ecosystem that drives social entrepreneurship, encourages collaborative partnerships, and promotes responsible innovation and meaningful impact.


Kanangayi 2023 People's Champion Award, Mandy Abou Shoak (Councilwoman Zurich Canton)

Africa: SDG8, Decent Work & Economic Growth

In line with the Sustainable Development Goal number 8, our work in Africa addresses value-added production & manufacturing. We accompany African brands throughout their growth, as a means to facilitate the creation of self-sustaining industries.

Our paradigm-shifting approach is rooted in the economic ideals of the transformation of raw-materials into semi-finished and/or finished goods, as a key transformative prerequisite to enable a globally-competitive pricing based on know-how and excellence, as opposed to supply & demand dynamics (commoditized trade). 

Our long-term aspirations are to rebrand the continent from a raw-material sourcing origin, into a globally-competitive (external) manufacturing hub.



Kanangayi's foremost deliverable: inclusive and sustainable economic growth,

full and productive employment and decent work for all.

SDG 10
SDG 11
SDG 12
SDG 16
SDG 17

decent work & economic growth enable the alleviation of poverty and hunger, improved health and well-being, the reduction of inequalities, and consequently influence resilient cities and communities, inevitably powering balanced outputs, responsible  consumption and circular replenishment, while shaping the stability and consistency of institutions.

The Kanangayi Vision

We envision a world in which each and everyone can equitably leverage their innate talents to cultivate seeds

of well-being, growth and prosperity for the better of People and Our Planet.



our purpose

to manufacture the greater good

our mission

to facilitate and amplify every Changemaker's meaningful impact

Our Commitment

to empower, to enable and to elevate


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