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Kanangayi's Theory of Change

Our Strategic Approach to Impact

We promote value-added trade,

to create economically sustainable jobs, markets & industries.

We manufacture the greater good, by facilitating the sustainable industrialization of Africa.

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We are thrilled and excited to announce the launch of our first project, Kawa Yetu.

The new social-impact premium coffee brand is entirely made in Eastern DRC, ready-for-shelves, by our partner, Kawa Kivu.

The brand delivers on our commitment to facilitate the sustainable industrialization of the Continent, by promoting value-added trade, a shift away from raw-material trade. The transformation of coffee berries into ready-or-consumption coffee brand, is indicative of the tremendous know-how and skill found throughout the Continent.


Our Impact Ecosystem
collaboratively fostering a more equitable world

We're proud to co-exist alongside a growing force of changemakers, jointly moving forward the needle of social, economic & environmental impact.

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The story of Africa and the world is a tale of two Operating Systems. While these systems have always been optimally developed in alignment to their respective cultural realities, they have also continually failed to construct and sustain a mutually-beneficial connectivity.


Preserving the cultural integrity of each is a humanitarian imperative. Favorably connecting the global interests of environmental safeguard and economic-inclusion is a challenge, an opportunity and a prerequisite toward a common state of well-being, fulfillment and prosperity. 


Kanangayi bridges the gap. 


Through our not-for-profit organization, we strive to foster an entrepreneurially-spirited ecosystem of meaningful disruption and lasting positive impact, powered by change-makers, innovators and social-entrepreneurs.

Our ecosystem is made of governments, global organizations, SME's and 

civil-society, all of whom intend to leverage the power of business

to achieve social-economic impact, for the good of People and Our Planet.

We exist to enabling the sustainable industrialization of Africa's 55 nations.

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