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Mandy Abou Shoak, canton of Zurich Councilwoman, receives Kanangayi People's Champion Award

Updated: Jun 12

She sat down for a Fireside Chat with Kanangayi Symposium co-founder and founder of Afroswissters, Tallulah Patricia Bär. The newly appointed representative of Zurich canton's constituency shared her journey to meaningful impact with the audience, conveying a message of unrelenting optimism, principled drive and uncompromising ideals.

Mandy Abou Shoak fireside chat with Tallulah Patricia Bär at Kanangayi Symposium

The charismatic and passionate Sudanese/Swiss politician, Mandy Abou Shoak, invited an appreciative crowd into her life, her learnings and her commitment to help shape a more equitable social fabric that is inclusive of all voices.

Mandy Abou Shoak receives Kanangayi People's Champion Award. Pictured here with Kanangayi Symposium co-founders, Tallulah Patricia Bär and Oliver Pakasa


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